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T: 631.671.4307 is in the forefront of handmade Kundan jewelry designs and production.

Kundan jewelry is a traditional form of Indian jewelry that has been around for centuries. It is characterized by its use of colorful gemstones set in gold or silver, often with intricate designs and patterns. The name Kundan comes from the Hindi word "kund" which means "to heat", referring to the technique used to fuse the gemstones onto the metal base. is a company that specializes in handmade Kundan jewelry designs and production. We are in the forefront of creating unique and beautiful pieces that are both traditional and modern. Their team of skilled artisans are experts in the Kundan technique and use only the finest materials to create their jewelry.

One of the things that sets apart from other jewelers is their commitment to authenticity and quality. They use authentic gemstones and precious metals to create each piece, and all of their jewelry is handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail. This ensures that each piece is not only beautiful but also of the highest quality.

The Kundan collection includes a wide range of jewelry pieces, from traditional chokers and earrings to modern bangles and bracelets. We have a variety of designs to choose from, including traditional floral patterns and contemporary geometric shapes. 

Their collection is designed to complement a wide range of styles, whether you're looking for something traditional to wear to a wedding or something modern to wear every day. The collection is also perfect for any occasion, from a formal event to a casual get-together.

In conclusion, is in the forefront of handmade Kundan jewelry designs and production. They offer a wide range of pieces that are authentic, high-quality, and beautiful. Whether you're looking for traditional or modern designs, has something to offer. We are a trusted source for Kundan jewelry and have a reputation for providing customers with unique and beautiful pieces that are sure to be cherished for years to come.

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